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Book of the Month: Tasting Georgia

10th July 2018

Carla Capalbo’s recently won the Guild of Food Writers Food & Travel Award for best food book for Tasting Georgia.

We thought it was time we reviewed the book.The first thing that strikes you about this book is that it is so much more than a collection of recipes. It is packed with wonderful images of Georgia, from locals crushing grapes to making bread to wonderful shots of the mountainous scenery. Tasting Georgia also has personal stories from potters to winemakers, and some wonderful insights into Georgian culture.

The recipes themselves are why you buy a book like this though. Tasting Georgia features some all important staples such as walnut paste, the ubiquitous cheese bread Kanchipuram and Khinkali, Georgian dumplings which originated in the mountains. But the book also features recipes for some of the country’s lesser-known culinary delights such as pumpkins with walnuts. The book is arranged into regions as the food throughout Georgia varies dramatically. This is a great book to use in the kitchen but also as a wonderful reference book to inspire you to visit or reminisce about past visits to Georgia.

Michael Pullman

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