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Best time to visit Jordan guide

When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan

11th December 2019

Situated in Western Asia, Jordan is an Islamic country named after the river on its border. Steeped in history, it is a remarkable landscape comprised of mountains and valleys. Central Jordan is relatively dry and arid, whilst the Mediterranean brings refreshing rainfall to the western borders. But, taking weather and events into account, when is the best time to visit Jordan?

Fortunately, Jordan is a year-round destination. With its desert scenery often compared to the red surface of Mars, and the stunning and inviting tranquillity of the Dead Sea, it’s really no surprise that Jordan is popular through both the winter months and summer.

Monthly summary:

January - February

Visit Wadi Rum in January

The winter months in Jordan are as special as any other time. Temperatures can drop to sub-zero levels overnight, but during the day average a fairly mild 11-13° in Amman. In Aqaba and Wadi Rum, they're usually a few degrees higher.

Rainfall levels are low, with February being very slightly warmer and drier than January. As a result, this is a good time to visit when temperatures are comfortable and the desert landscapes are brightly coloured and fresh.



- Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival


Best time to visit petra

Travel to Jordan in March and expect mild and comfortable weather. Temperatures are rising and winter is turning to spring, which means that you can expect averages of 16° in the country's capital. At night, temperatures drop to a chilly 5° but rarely go below freezing.

March remains dry, and other parts of the country are considerably warmer. In Aqaba, temperatures reach a balmy 22° on average.

April - May

Best time to visit Jordan

From late March until May, expect some of Jordan's most comfortable weather. Averages reach around 30°c in Aqaba, and in Amman are typically in the low-to-mid 20s.

May sees Jordan enter the summer months, which stretch from now until September. During this time, temperatures rise rapidly and rainfall becomes a rare sight.

It will come as no surprise to know that these late spring and early summer months are some of Jordan's most eventful. Celebrations are scheduled to coincide with the good weather, before temperatures rise too high.

At this time of year, expect to find many sporting events and performances taking place. Alternatively, if you would like, you can take advantage of the milder weather for a spot of hiking and sightseeing.


  • Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon
  • Amman International Theatre Festival
  • Jordan International Rally

June - August

From June to August, high temperatures are part and parcel of a visit to Jordan. Temperatures reach an average 30°C in Amman and go into the high 30s in Aqaba. At night, they rarely drop below high teens. There may be no rainfall at all for months, and some people find the desert heat and dry atmosphere to be a little too much. But if you visit Jordan now you're guaranteed good weather and great events.

These months are also some of the best to gaze at the dark skies of the desert. Lie out under a carpet of stars, never before seen so clearly, and wonder at your place within the universe. The warm overnight temperatures make stargazing trips a highlight of a summer trip to Jordan.


  • Distant Heat in Wadi Rum
  • Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts
  • Stargazing in the dark skies of the desert



The temperatures of summer drop ever so slightly in September, but still average a toasty 22°. This is a fantastic time to visit, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Red Sea landscape and another chance for memorable stargazing.

The rains don't return to Jordan until October, which means that this time of year is still dry even by Jordan's high standards. Towards the end of September, temperatures are lower, and the heat becomes a little less stifling.


October - November

The average temperature in Amman in October is pleasant at around 25°C. This is a wonderful time of year for exploring the Jordan Valley, with temperatures low enough to favour hiking and all-day trips. There may be very limited rainfall, and temperatures overnight are mild to very slightly chilly.

As October moves into November, temperatures begin to drop quickly. But these milder temperatures do not take away from Jordan's beauty or its exciting events. The later part of the year is no less enjoyable as a time to visit Jordan for a holiday.


  • Middle Eastern Dance Festival



Winter is here, though you can visit Jordan with just as much confidence as before. Temperatures in Amman average 13° during the day, and drop to an average of 4° overnight, but rarely become so cold that you would feel uncomfortable in a good winter coat.

This is a perfect time to visit Jordan for sightseeing, with no need to avoid the sun or be forced to spend your time under shelter. With temperatures around Aqaba and Wadi Rum still in the high teens, you can also plan a visit for warm weather in a desert location.

The best time to visit Jordan depends on your personal preference. Will you make a winter visit for sightseeing in mild temperatures, or enjoy the celebrations of the hottest part of the summer? It's a choice only you can make!

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