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Armenia and Georgia Tours

Armenia and Georgia Tours

19th April 2019

Georgia and Armenia have often been overlooked as travel destinations. This makes traveling through the Caucasus Region and uncovering legendary landscapes, ancient churches, and military outposts, a very rich experience.

Far off the beaten path, the Caucasus Region is home to fascinating history, rich culture and cuisine and landscapes mostly undisturbed without a heavy flow of tourists. A trip to Georgia and Armenia is a phenomenal experience that will expose you to a part of the world still shrouded in myths and legends.

Wild Frontiers offers three tours across the regions, each aimed to sample the rich culture of the region and the treasures it hides among it’s soaring peaks and valleys. Depending on the length of time you wish to travel, two medium length tours and one extended length tour are available.

Below, we’ve offered an overview of the itinerary for some of the best Armenia and Georgia Tours for you to enjoy this spectacular region:

Across the Caucasus

Across the Caucasus Tour

This 15-day tour is a phenomenal way to enjoy the diverse landscapes of the Caucasus Region. During this tour, you will begin near the shores of the Black Sea and travel overland high into the misty mountains of the Caucasus Range.

Your tour begins in the ancient city of Baku, Azerbaijan. Baku is the largest city in the Caucasus Region, and home to several historical monuments and structures such as the Maiden Tower, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the historic 12th-century city center.

Next, this tour will then take you through several small villages as you travel to the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, including Lahij and Seki where you will see the famous Khan’s Palace.

As you cross into Georgia, you’ll visit Telavi, the wine-growing region. The tour leads you through several historic monasteries, churches, and cathedrals that have stood in place for centuries.

As you travel deep into the mountains, you’ll make a stop in Gori - the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. The museum in Gori is an absolute must-see for history fanatics, and your tour will visit before continuing on to Kazbegi and the Gergeti Church. The ancient city of Tbilisi is next, where you’ll see the Hot Sulphur Baths, the 4th-century Narikala Fortress and Metekhi Church.

You will finish your tour in Armenia, traveling alongside deep canyons and lonely caravanserai through medieval towns and fortresses before ending your tour in Yerevan.

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Complete Caucasus Explorer

Complete Caucasus Tour

The Complete Caucasus Explorer tour is an extended version of the Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia tour above- an additional five days allow you to immerse yourself in even more of the cultural melting pot of this region of the world. Instead of heading south to Armenia from Tbilisi, the 20-day Complete Caucasus Explorer tour takes you northwest of Tbilisi to medieval sites at Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Becho and more.

Near Kutaisi, you’ll visit the complex of Gelati - a medieval learning center built by King David the Builder. You’ll also see the majestic Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi.

Traveling north, you’ll visit the small, sleepy town of Shikra near Mt. Ushba. Here, you’ll see the massive Ushba glacier and the many waterfalls cascading down the face of the mountain in Svaneti National Park. This is a sight worthy of your bucket list, and we encourage you to drink it in before the tour heads back south to Kutaisi.

Before heading south to Armenia, this tour cuts a wider swath through the country of Georgia. From Kutaisi, you’ll venture south to Akhaltsikhe, where the only Ottoman fortress in the country is.

Along the journey south is a stop in Vardzia, where a 12th-century cave town is housed. This ancient town was built during the reign of the Queen of Tamara and is an unforgettable gem of history.

Your tour will next head into Armenia, where you’ll visit the medieval towns, monasteries, and cathedrals across this mountainous country. Before reaching Yerevan and ending the tour, you’ll cross an ancient caravanserai, a route taken by traders during the time of the Silk Road.

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Highlights of the Caucasus

Highlights of the Caucasus Tour

If you’re looking for a slightly shorter Armenia and Georgia tour featuring the highlights of the region, the 14-day Highlights of the Caucasus tour is an excellent option. In contrast to our other two, this tour begins in Armenia and travels north and to the east to the shores of the Caspian Sea.

Your tour begins in Yerevan, where you’ll visit several monuments and museums to highlight the rich and sometimes tragic history of the region. Here, you’ll visit the Matendaran Manuscript museum, the Blue Mosque, and the ancient Erebuni Fortress. On a more solemn note, your tour will also include the memorial to the 1915 Armenian genocide.

As you travel onto your next stop in Dilijan, you’ll visit not one but two awe-inspiring world heritage sites: the Greco-Roman temple at Garni, and the Geghard Cave Monastery- a gorge with many chapels hewn into the rock itself.

You’ll travel north to Tbilisi and the Caucasus Mountains, where you’ll visit many ancient churches and monasteries that have stood the test of time for centuries. One of the most iconic views on this journey is tucked into Kazbegi National Park - the Holy Trinity Church, which offers a breathtaking view, unlike anything you’ve ever seen from its perch in the mountaintops.

The tour also contains a stop in Uplistsikhe, an ancient 6th-century cave town cut directly into the cliffs. Here you’ll see the wine-cellars, bakeries and even a church that remain. Before you leave Georgia, you’ll travel to Telavi in the winemaking region. One of the tour stops is the house and park of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, who used to host some of the greatest poets and artists of the 19th century. You’ll also get a chance to sample wine from the region during this part of the tour.

An overnight train will take you from Tbilisi to Baku in Azerbaijan. Before the tour ends, you’ll see amazing sights like Ateshgah, a Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the Stone Age rock paintings at Gobustan ( and graffiti from Alexander the Great’s armies) as well as Baku’s monuments like the Maiden’s Tower and several palaces.

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Wild Frontiers are experts of the Caucasus region and specialize in creating unique Armenia and Georgia tours. Contact one of our travel specialists today to learn more.

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