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22 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Pakistan

15th June 2018

Pakistan may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of your next holiday destination, but it’s one of our favourite countries and probably the ultimate adventure travel destination.

Where else can you find sights like this?

1. Fairy Meadows

2. Joshi Festival with the pagan Kalash people

3. The blue waters of Attabad Lake

4. A polo match in Gilgit

5. Chitral Mosque

6. The Hindu Kush

7. Incredible Pakistani cuisine

8. The UNESCO ruins of ancient Mohenjo-Daro

9. Badshahi Mosque in Lahore

10. Walk in the Hunza Valley

11. The local people

Photo credit: Sheila Jenkins

12. Ghizer Valley

13. Bustling food markets

14. Expecting the unexpected

15. Wagah border gate closing ceremony

16. The iconic painted trucks

17. K2 - the world's 2nd highest peak

18. Clifton Beach in Karachi

19. Reflections on Khalti Lake

20. The elusive snow leopard

21. Even more incredible Pakistani cuisine

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