Top tips for travelling in Peru

18th July 2022
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Top tips for travelling in Peru

Our Latin America expert Richard shares some of his top tips for preparing for and travelling in Peru.

1. Learn how to say you don't speak Spanish in Spanish, unless you do, in that case, practise

2. Train for the altitude of the Andes with biking and hiking

3. Break in your hiking shoes

4. Pack light, take layers and have your clothes washed en route

5. Drink more water in the Andes than you are accustomed to and if you get a headache, don't take pills, just drink more water

6. Buy a Peruvian beanie cap when you arrive that covers your ears for cold nights

7. Read at least one book on the fall of the Incas, with a handkerchief at hand

We would recommend An Inca Account of the Conquest of Peru by Titu Cusi Yupanqui.

8. Give up all hope that the domestic airline will be organized and prepare to be pushed (or push a little yourself, but say perdón)

9. Behave for the first 48 hours at altitude. Eat light, don't drink and hydrate, even locals feel weezy for that time period coming from sea level

10. Bring serious sunscreen for your lips and quality sunglasses for your eyes

The locals are not wearing hats just because they look cool, but because they are.

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