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Armenia: Mountains, Monasteries and a Glimpse of the Land of Noah

  • 16th May 2015

Paul Bloomfield explorers Armenia on a new Wild Frontiers trip and reports about it in The Times.

Conde Nast Traveler (US) - Hanya Yanigahara explores Kashmir

  • 25th February 2015

Wild Frontiers sends Hanya Yanigahara to Kashmir where she discoveres a region that is somewhere inbetween both India and Pakistan.

New York Times - Trip to Marigold

  • 19th February 2015

In light of the imminent release of the sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel the New York Times reports on our Real Exotic Marigold Hotel Tour.

The Guardian: Kevin Rushby on a Kyrgyzstan group tour

  • 10th January 2015

Travelling with Wild Frontiers, Kevin Rushby wants to find out if you have a proper adventure on a group trip. Read the full piece to find out!

The Telegraph: Family of Paddington Bear's Creatory in the real Peru

  • 15th November 2014

Robyn Jankel, granddaughter of Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington, treks Maccu Picchu with Wild Frontiers.

FT: How To Spend It - Exploring from Colombia to Panama

  • 1st November 2014

Travelling from Colombia to Panama with a top adventure-travel outfitter, James Henderson recces a new itinerary.

FT - Kuelap, Fortress of Northern Peru

  • 27th September 2014

Forget Machu Picchu - a region little-visited by tourists has some of the greatest archaeological treasures in the Americas. Mike Carter explores further.

FT - Turkmenistan: of Deserts and Despots

  • 23rd August 2014

A recce tour of Turkmenistan, a country with grand palaces and cities, some new, others crumbling into the sand - Horatio Clare investigates.

TTG - Rewriting Ethical Travel: How Wild Frontiers succeeded against the odds

  • 20th August 2014

The AITO operator is a market leader for ethical adventure travel. Katherine Lawrey meets founder Jonny Bealby.

Sphere Life - Passage to India

  • 25th July 2014

A series of luxury encampments not only offers visitors the chance to experience India in a very special and intimate way, but also contributes to the local community. Teresa Levonian Cole is beguiled by a first-class experience.

The Telegraph - Iran: the New Must-See Holiday Destination?

  • 11th July 2014

As relations thaw between Iran and the West, Benedict Brogan returns to a find a "spellbinding, endlessly fascinating country". He writes about his experience for the Telegraph.

Spears Magazine - We Go Up the Hooghly and Back in Time on a Luxury Cruise

  • 26th June 2014

From unspoilt Shiva temples to the remnants of early Western influence, a leisurely cruise up the Hooghly river from Calcutta to the Ganges is a feast for the eyes, says Teresa Levonian Cole.

Daily Mail - Forget Florida and Marbella, Iran is the New Holiday Hotspot

  • 21st June 2014

The Daily Mail reports on why visitors are currently flocking to Iran. - Along Kitchener’s Route from Sudan to Egypt

  • 16th May 2014

Writer Minty Clinch and photographer Richard Dunwoody travelled with Wild Frontiers from Sudan to Egypt. Read all about their journey in the Financial Times.

LA Times - Embattled Kashmir is Getting Back on Tourists' Radars

  • 9th May 2014

Revered and respected travel writer, Pico Iyer, travelled to Kashmir with Wild Frontiers to see how the region is making its way back onto the radar of tourists.

The Telegraph - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan: Turquoise-Domed Cities of the Silk Road

  • 20th February 2014

Still in the iron grip of post-Soviet dictatorships, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are richly endowed with historic splendours. Gill Charlton tours the secretive republics and writes about her experience for the Telegraph.

The Telegraph - Exploring Traditional Cuba by Horseback

  • 15th November 2013

As Castroism fades, a trek reveals a landscape where cowboys and cockfighting remain part of Cuban life.

The Telegraph - Ethiopia's Monastic Highs

  • 14th June 2013

Alastair Sooke finds inspiration in the extraordinary churches of Ethiopia and scales a cliff to visit one of the oldest buildings in the world still in use – which his grandfather restored in the Forties.… - On Holiday in Iraq: a Kurd’s Eye View

  • 24th May 2013

Bakhtyar Omar was showing me photographs of his family. Here were his young brothers, beatific smiles, arms wrapped tightly around each other. Here was his aunt, cradling a baby in a tender embrace...

The Telegraph - Burma River Cruise: Upriver to an Asia of Yesteryear

  • 19th April 2013

This annual trip up Burma's beguiling Chindwin River takes in parts of this fascinating country rarely seen by visitors.

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