Meike studied Zoology at University after travelling solo to conservation projects in her youth provided her with a keen interest in science. Her studies took her to Sri Lanka, Borneo, Slovakia and Iceland. Throughout her research, Meike never thought she would find the people surrounding the conservation issues more fascinating than the wildlife. It was from these experiences that Meike started to understand the benefits of sustainable tourism, not only to indigenous cultures, but to threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

Following on from University, Meike started working within the travel industry within sales and administration before eventually discovering Wild Frontiers. The company’s commitment to Responsible Tourism and its adventurous spirit motivated Meike to apply for the position of Product Executive at Wild Frontiers.

Specialist: Sri Lanka, Borneo


Q: Favourite city?

A: I was born and raised in London but that doesn’t make me bias to the amazing array of culture and history the city has to offer.

Q: Favourite country?

A: Sri Lanka. The welcoming and warm nature of the people is world renowned.

Q: Favourite meal?

A: Rambutan’s are the most delicious fruit you will ever eat! They are native to Indonesia and I would travel all the way back there just for one more Rambutan.

Q: Most memorable journey?

A: Travelling to the remote village of Setulang, West Kalimantan in Borneo. I stayed with the Dayak tribe that reside there to gain an insight into their ancient relationship with the forest.

Q: Favourite travel advice?

A: Expect the unexpected!

Q: Next on must-see list?

A: Where to begin! My top choices have to be Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Papa New Guinea or Antarctica.