After graduating from University in 2001 David got a temporary job working night shifts with a number of guys from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. From seeing pictures and listening to stories about their countries he knew he had to go and visit, so he booked himself onto an overland trip from the UK to Cameroon and had an incredible four months travelling through North and West Africa. In fact he loved it so much he did another overland trip through the Andes in South America a few months later.

Wanting to continue travelling, but suffering from a severe shortage of funds, David applied to become an overland expedition leader, and for the best part of the next 10 years travelled through 80 countries all over Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Despite numerous arrests, continually being covered in mud, oil and grease, fixing numerous broken down vehicles and wrestling with the bureaucracy of the developing world, he had an incredible time full of wonderful memories!

"It's not just about beaches in Mozambique - soak up some culture at the ancient Portugese cities of Ibo Island & Ihla Do Mozamibique."

Specialist: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Botswana, Congo (DRC), Chile, China, Colombia, Algeria, Ecuador & Galapagos, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Morocco, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Israel & Palestinian Territory, Sudan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tanzania, Uzbekistan , Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe


Q: Favourite city:

A: So many to choose from! I’ll have to pick a city from each continent as I could never narrow it down to just one. In South America it’s between Salvador de Bahia in Brazil and Cartagena in Colombia. In Africa it’s between Lagos in Nigeria and Dakar in Senegal. In Asia I really loved Esfahan in Iran, Kazan in Russia and Khiva in Uzbekistan.

Q: Favourite country:

A: What a question and again I’d struggle to pick just one! It’s between Guinea (Conakry), Cameroon, Venezuela, Syria and Algeria.

Q: Favourite meal:

A: Python stuffed with vegetables in a spicy sauce – a real treat when we were in Cameroon close to the Gabon border.

Q: Most memorable journey:

A: There’s been a few. The Trans-Sahara Highway from Algeria into Niger and onto Nigeria stands out as the most memorable. Nothing touches the remoteness and awesome expanse of the Sahara desert. Watching nomads pass through the middle of nowhere with their camels and goats searching for water as the sun rises over a vast sand sea is a real sight to behold!

Q: Favourite travel advice:

A: Don’t spend all of your time behind the camera lens and don’t follow a guide book religiously or you’ll end up missing so many great places.

Q: Next on must-see list:

A: I’m longing to see Sao Tome and Principe, Angola, Yemen, Iraq, Suriname and Afghanistan. One day Insha’Allah!