After gaining a taste for adventure during an activity trip in Finnish Lapland, Natalie decided to take her first solo travelling trip during university and backpacked through Italy and Croatia. She realised how much she loved exploring off the beaten track and creating her own unique experiences aside from being a sightseeing tourist. This idea further developed into a real passion for responsible travel after a trip to Jamaica in 2011. Since then everything she has done has had a focus towards ethical travel, whether designing my university project around it, volunteering for the Save a Farmer campaign or, most recently, spending three months in El Salvador on International Citizen Service. Living in a rural community she led a project designed to develop the potential for an income generating ecotourism route. Every travel experience she has and person she meets has a lasting effect and drives further forward her desire to succeed in the responsible travel industry. This is why she is excited to be part of the Wild Frontiers team, working alongside people who share her passion for unique, authentic and responsible travel.

"Bring US Dollars in small denominations, as sterling is not easily changed."

Specialist: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, India, Jordan, El Salvador, Turkey


Q: Favourite city?

A: Rome for the best city mix of people, culture, food and weather!

Q: Favourite country?

A: El Salvador, the people are beyond infectious and wherever you are in the country, you won’t be able to go a day without singing, dancing and eating pupusas!

Q: Favourite meal?

A: Jordan’s traditional dish of Mansaf. Make sure you have clean hands as it's traditional to eat this dish without cutlery!

Q: Most memorable journey?

A: Catching a night boat from Italy to Croatia and being alone on deck as the sun rose over the Croatian islands.

Q: Favourite travel advice?

A: Take every opportunity - you never know what is waiting for you.

Q: Next on must-see list?

A: Anywhere and everywhere in Latin America.