Travel FAQs

Updated August 2023

As well as being confident in booking with us, you can also be confident in travelling with us and you may find the answers to any specific questions you have about travel at this time. Of course, our travel experts are always available and on-hand to discuss any queries you may have in more detail. 

Q: Do I need to be fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel with you?

We continue to suggest that for everyone’s peace of mind and safety all non-medically exempt clients on our Group Tours be fully vaccinated, regardless of any country’s requirements. However, we are no longer making this a condition of travel with us, but depending on the destination you should be aware that you may need to show the authorities on arrival that you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, although this is becoming increasingly rarer.  

Q: Can I get a refund if I am unwell and unable to travel on my trip?

Please contact us to discuss your situation and refer to our standard Booking Conditions which can be found here 

Q: Will my travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Travel insurance policies vary and it is unlikely that any policy will cover you for every possible scenario. You should check your travel insurance cover and the policy wording carefully to ensure it matches your requirements. Visit our insurance page for more information. 

Q: What should I do if I start to feel unwell whilst on a group tour and think I may have COVID-19 or another infectious illness?

As with any illness, if you start to develop any symptoms, please let your tour-leader or local guide know as soon as possible, so we can arrange medical treatment if needed. We will provide you with all the necessary help and support you require including arranging testing locally and assisting you with contacting your travel insurance provider if needed, so please be sure to keep these details with you. For peace of mind, you can also contact Wild Frontiers 24/7 on our emergency numbers, details of which will be given to you with your pre-departure documentation. Lots of helpful advice for travellers can be found here  

Q: Will happens if someone on my group tour tests positive for COVID-19?

We would follow the guidance of the medical authorities of the destination at that time and arrange further testing and medical treatment if needed. In all cases, we will provide the necessary support and assistance and arrange hotel quarantine or isolation, if required by local regulations. The infected individual will be expected to cover any costs that are incurred for these services. At all times we would consider the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the group and our local crew alongside that of the infected client and if there are no local regulations in place, we will ask the infected client to take reasonable and practical steps to reduce the risk of the infection spreading to other group members. This may include self-isolating and being separate from the rest of the group. Additionally, we reserve the right that if a client tests positive for COVID-19 while on-tour, they leave the tour and depending on the circumstances the rest of the group take a precautionary test. Where a tour is curtailed for this reason, we will refund any recoverable costs from our suppliers. Further details can be found in our Booking Conditions here