Thelma Thomas

The itinerary was irrestistible - Rocket steamer, Sundarbans, a scattering of mosques and temples, day or two on trains, visit to the tribal areas, Chittagong and more - all in a two week recce journey. Sure enough we managed it all - and the more. We may not have seen a tiger - did anyone really think we would but a tiger footprint was good enough for most of us. There were dolphins and kingfishers a plenty, to say nothing of the passing elephant (OK so it was from the circus) - and the otter fishing - how often do you see fishing with otters when cruising down a river? And there were plenty of unexpected additional attractions - who would have thought a brick factory could prove a fun experience and the tribal king's funeral (did Wild Frontiers engineer this for us?)as well of course as the political demonstrations and the never ending crowds of photographers - of us. Our group leader and local guide were outstanding. Food was excellent. Travelling - was long and varied - but worth every minute given all we saw and did, covered so much. Thank you for another amazing holiday