Sylvia Scott

So many wonderful memories of such a magical journey through Rajasthan, its hard to know where to begin: dining in the illuminated gardens of the stunning Mandawar Castle; a boat ride across the lake (accompanied by a group of turtles!) at the breathtaking Gajner Palace; dancing beside a fire at Manwar Desert Camp; watching the sun rise over the Thar Desert and set over Pushkar; walking through the pine forests at Kumblegarh; and from Marwar Junction to Deogarh having the most wonderful train journey I have ever experienced. The hotels were amazing, the food excellent and in Johnny Paterson we had the most charming, patient and inspirational guide we could have wished for (though he's a poor loser at scrabble!). I look forward to my next voyage of discovery with Wild Frontiers in the (hopefully) not too distant future!