Steve Jones

The trip was surprisingly varied. The changes and contrast in terrain ensured that there was something new and exciting to see throughout the journey. Even within the sandy desert, it was fascinating comparing the sweeping dunes of the Erg du Tenere with the infinite horizons on the plains of Tafassasset, and the other worldly rock formations at Djado were surreal. The historical fort at Djado was also an interesting distraction and the Aïr mountains offered further variety. As we drove through the hills we encountered many small agricultural communities, eliciting comparisons of various regional tribes such as the Tuareg, Tubu, Bororo and Hausa, their customs and behaviours. The crystal guelta (fresh water pool) at Timia was a joy. Of course, wildlife is not abundant in the area, but I did find it remarkable that we came across troops of monkeys. Our Tuareg staff were wonderful. They were competent, attentive and great fun and naturally friendly. Of course some of the facilities were basic, but the food was excellent: the lunchtime picnics a highlight. The group consisted of like-minded people and provided fine company. Being in the Tenere really does make you feel like you are in another world, far away from the frenetic activity of everyday life. With this trip, Wild Frontiers have constructed a great overall product.