Sally Hollings

WILD FRONTIERS really pulled the stops out on this one - my first trip with this adventure travel company and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others (only I would prefer it if no-one else knew about them so as to maintain the "wild" element!). We had fabulous Guides, Cooks and Porters (my god, how much curry can you eat in two weeks!?) who were all incredibly knowledgeable and simply couldn’t do enough to make us comfortable. The drive from Shimla to Leh was by far the most spectacular I've ever done in my life and was followed by four days of fabulous walking over passes round 3,500 metres with breathtaking scenery and magical spots to camp found by our Kashmiri Guide, Yashin. The company? Well what can I say, we were an eclectic mix and all huge fun - I hope I have made some new friends for life. My favourite moments? I adored the walking but other memorable parts included a random nights clubbing in Delhi, home-brewing a fine apricot vodka with Jonny – the tour leader – the amazing Thiskey Monastery in Ladakh, the narrow-gauge train up to Shimla, completing the third pass on our second day of trekking, exploring old Delhi, chilling out at the Jama Masjid, "taking tea" at the Oberoi in Shimla (an 'off-piste' excursion hunted down by those of us desperate for a decent bathroom!!) and of course winning at 'Pigs' at our Fixed Camp Site (which was incredibly beautiful and resembled something from the 'English Patient'). My worst moments? Well, what more can you say about Delhi Belly? An occupational hazard, I guess! A fantastic way to 'travel' in the space of two week.