Rod Elliott

A really enjoyable holiday, extremely professionally run. We saw as much as you could in 9 days and came away feeling we really knew enough about the country - at the real working level - to be able to judge it and talk to friends about it. The Wild Frontiers rep (Nat) who came with us was superb and coped with all difficulties in a professional and competent manner. The local guide (Nabil) was a gem. Excellent grasp of English, very informative and a great character. What we had heard about the country in the press put Syria in a negative light but we knew it had a fascinating history so we wanted to see and judge the country for ourselves. We decided that at the ‘people’ level it is a fascinating and friendly country. The highlight was seeing so much in such a short time which enabled us to get to know the country - though it was a tiring schedule. Just can’t win! If I had to choose, the top highlight was the city tours, especially Aleppo.