Rob and Niki Kane

Just arrived back from Pakistan and Kashmir safe and sound! This will have been our 6th adventure holiday with WILD FRONTIERS in as many years, our last two visiting Pakistan. We wanted to return to Pakistan after a 30 year gap having travelled overland for a year in an old van from London to India visiting Pakistan and Kashmir along the way. I have to say it was as pleasurable an experience as it was in the 70s with the local people welcoming us back with enthusiasm and joy that we had encountered all those years ago. I would not hesitate to recommend an adventure holiday in these regions and would go as far as to say I felt safer travelling here than I do travelling by tube from North London into the West End. On a slightly more serious note, I also feel we should NOT be intimidated by terrorists. They are a tiny minority and the majority of the people are just like us, having the same ideals in life as we do in the West and many do rely on tourism to make their living. We must, as 'wealthy' tourists, remember that and if you want to come to these wonderfully exciting, different places, then you should just do it!