Phoebe Floyer

Having had personal recommendations for the Alternative Christmas in Bijaipur, my expectations were already high, but they were exceeded dramatically on this trip. The balance between comfort and authenticity was perfect for our family with extremely comfortable hotels in the cities, the rustic magnificence of Castle Bijaipur and the hilarious night train to Chittor. Our guide, Jude, somehow managed to make us all feel like a group of friends on an adventure whilst ensuring that every detail of the organisation was tied down. There is sufficient time to be lazy if you want (the pool at Castle Bijaipur is spectacular) but I ended up participating in all the extra walks and horse rides laid on. The twice-daily yoga was my main source of relaxation. The balance between activity and relaxation is always hard to balance yet unlike other holidays, where the time flies by, I have returned from a fortnight abroad feeling as if I have been away for a month - in a good way! An all-round exceptional trip which made my first visit to India feel like the first of many. Congratulations.