Peter Lewis

We have been home now almost two weeks now from our epic Karakoram adventure and its only now that I feel I am able to comment on our experience. We seen so many remarkable sights from ancient places and monuments to stupendous mountain scenery its has taken me this amount of time to unweave the whole into a sequence of events and places. Along our way we were offered great hospitality and kindness by all we met on our journeys and there are people we got to know briefly who I will never forget. You promised us an adventure and that you did just that and some. Your itinery was just right a perfect blend of culture and the great outdoors both were inspiring and keeps me recounting our experiences time and time again. Your guides were were first rate knowledgeable, helpful, kind and ever thoughtfull of our needs.... I asked Atta how he felt the trip had gone He said " this has been an extraordinary journey" - That was some understatement!