Mike & Annie Davies

Our tailor-made holiday in Patagonia with Wild Frontiers was simply one of the best holidays we have ever been on. We were looking for something special and goodness did we get it. The landscapes here are just so vast, stretching as they do towards some distant horizon, they can keep you entertained for hours; the snow-capped mountains rising our of the endless steppes are breath-taking; the incredible glaciers moving slowly through the pristine environment were something we had never seen before; and the wonderful hotels, with first class service and cuisine, really spoilt us rotten. All our arrangements, be they in Argentina or Chile, passed without a hitch; the hotels we were advised to use were all wonderful – often in very different ways – and the guides we used for our fishing, horse riding and walks were both charming a professional. All it all it really was that clichéd ‘holiday of a lifetime’ and if you like the great outdoors, we couldn’t recommend Patagonia enough.