Lucy Moy-Thomas

Thank you all for making our Georgian adventure such a very good trip. I keep finding myself wistfully remembering the scent of the pinewoods and the sight of the mountain flowerfields. The hospitality was overwhelming, particularly in the remote villages we stayed in. The village houses built of layered slate and wood were fantastic and strange, the wood cut into fretworked patterns on the balconies, the rooms decorated with flowers and beds piled with multicoloured quilts. We were given marvellous food; a succession of different dishes brought to us every evening, all cooked from local ingredients, including aubergine slices with ground walnut paste and garlic, a cheese pancakes, meat dumplings, lamb and beef stew, tomato and cucumber salad, lovely fruit and, for breakfast, bright yellow fried eggs, blinis, cheese and wild cherry jam. Being part of a lovely group of people who enjoyed each others’ company and looked after each other; the unspoilt, responsive horses, and the tolerant and observant horsemen who looked after them and us over quite difficult terrain beautifully; the chance to be close local people who were prepared to share their gentle way of life (and their horses) with us so generously; and excellent guides - both western and local - combined to give a truly great trip.