Konrad Bartelski

Since I was a kid I always dreamed of visiting Kashmir. Now having just returned from my first trip with Wild Frontiers, all I can say is that it was the most incredible journey. The open hearts of the friendly people, and the stunning mountains surrounded by the spectacular and especially voluminous scenery combined to weave a most intricate and lasting tapestry that will remain in my conscience for a very long time. The complexity and unpredictability of travelling in this distant region was well smoothed out by the efficient planning and coordination by our guide , Dave Watts, and so there was much time to enjoy the exciting, and intriguing skiing in Galmarg. The deep powder and huge slopes offering such great rewards to the discerning skier, which these days are hard to come by on the over populated slopes these days. Certainly this intriguing voyage reminded me of the 3rd dimension that the commercialism of skiing has evaporated from most current skiing experiences.