Karen Rosie

The stunning, wild beauty of Afghanistan took my breath away as we ventured on a thrilling on and off-road trip along the Wakhan corridor. The friendliness and hospitality of these dignified people is extremely touching and the smiles and laughter of the children will stay with me forever. I really liked the charm of the Homestays and meeting the families running them... it felt like you were seeing the culture at close hand. Our tour leader Mette was superb. Very helpful, organised and good fun. Good knowledge of the area and ability to organise schedule to suit differing tastes. The main highlights? The people - particularly in Afghanistan. They really touch your heart with their humility and smiles... Mountain scenery... offroad 'top gear' driving in Afghanistan and the journey back along the Panj river in Tajikistan... Vibrant colours... sleeping in homestays... beauty and remoteness in the Wakhan with starry filled skies... the Bazaar in Ishkashim - like going back in time and full of great characters.