John Pidgeon

If you are looking for a holiday in India that offers diversity of both culture, geography and climate then this Wild Frontiers trip taking you slowly down the Ganges does not disappoint.
Starting high up in the foothills of the Himalayas at the secluded retreat of the Siitla Estate you move effortlessly by comfortable four seater taxis to the Corbett Tiger reserve and then to Rishikech, home to the Beatles back in 1968,for those of us able to remember!
Stopping off at the historic city of Luknow we prepared for our visit to the Kumbah Mela a once every 12 year event. An event for the keen amateur photographer not to be missed.
The next two days could not have been more different. The tranquility, calm and sheer absence of any commercial or tourist traffic must make this part of the trip unique and unmatched anywhere in the world.
Arriving in Varanasi you are now in danger of serious cultural overload as both the evening Puri and especially the dawn boat trip of the Ghats are a photographers dream.
On to the final destination of Kolkata allowing time before the flight home to pause and take breath and for the ladies a little extra shopping.