John Faller

The drive to Bellavista was our first introduction to Ecuadorian roads, and some were truly amazing. The village of Mindo was splendid with its butterfly farm and artisan chocolate factory, then it was off to the cloud forest to see the impressive variety of bird life. The Quilotoa crater was the first real challenge for me, and I climbed out of crater in just over the hour (quicker than most of the party despite being the oldest!) but was offset by relaxing down time in Banos and Cuenca. We hit the town just as the pre-lent carnival was starting, and got swept up in the revelry - it was great to see so many people having fun (and we did get sprayed!).

The epic journey and subsequent hotel on Isabela (the Galapagos Islands) was fabulous with a room having a breath-taking view over the sea. The first swim in the surprisingly warm water was taken within the first half hour of arriving – and was it good! The two days on Isabela were nicely filled with a variety of activities

With picturesque scenery, incredible flora and fauna and a mixture of activities, this was a truly memorable holiday with a fine group of travellers.