Jenny Wray

So good I went back a second time! Despite going on one of Jonny's pilot trips to Pakistan back in 1998, which did have a few wrinkles that needed ironing out, I still went back for a second trip two years later. Why? The incredible scenery, the people and Jonny's guiding all combine to make it an experience that stays with you for a long time. When I travel I like to get a feel for a country - the people, culture and history - as well as seeing the scenery. The abiding memory from travelling with Jonny is that so much of all of these aspects are brought to life. He has taken time to get to know not only the place, but also the people, and the affection many of the locals feel for Jonny reflects in the way they include you and give you time and attention when you are staying with them. Any one visiting the area can stay in some of the forts owned by the former princes of the region, but you are not likely to have them join you for a drink and chat, or get a personal tour around the private family quarters. Jonny's knowledge and love of the area really make this a journey with a difference. Future travelling now has a lot to live up to!