Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle

As an experienced traveller, who has lived and worked in Pakistan , I cannot speak too highly of the trip I made with WILD FRONTIERS to the Hindu Kush in the autumn of 2000. What really impressed me was the way Jonny Bealby, our leader, managed to cater for the individual needs of a disparate group with tact, understanding and not a little patience. His organisational skills were first class, his knowledge of places and people excellent, essential qualities of any good tour leader. Jonny, himself an intrepid traveller, put together a program of variety and interest which would be hard to better. That we saw places, met people and were treated to many 'extras' was due entirely to the goodwill he has built up with his Pakistani contacts. If you're looking for a memorable experience, you will be hard pressed to find anything to surpass the 18 day odyssey I experienced.