Hazel Marshall

I was too tired on Friday night to say thank you properly for such a wonderful trip. And then I had tango frenzy all weekend. But now I've stopped tangoing long enough to write an email to say thanks for one of the best holidays that I have ever been on. It’s definitely one on where I laughed the most. Castle Bijaipur really is a magical place and I’m so happy to have spent my Christmas and New Year there with such a great group of people. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to one year and the start of a new one. I may not have written a single word (or even read one) but I wouldn’t swap the memories I have for a few extra sentences. So thank you for organising it and making it so fantastic. Now that I’ve got itchy feet and have rediscovered my love of flying (except for the occasional rocky landing!) I definitely want to go away again. I’m trying to decide between Pakistan, Georgia and Armenia and the Silk Road – trouble is I want to do them all.