Hannah White

The landscape in Sveneti was incredible. I chose the trip as it combined two of my favourite past times, looking at frescoes and walking in high areas - it was a totally ideal combination. I hadn’t expected the impact of the homestays, staying with families and eating the home cooked food meant there was an immediate immersion into Georgian culture. Seeing Scabious flowers growing taller than me, Arnica and Delphiniums, in fact I’ve never seen such beautiful labyrinths of wild flowers. The food was fantastic throughout and the homestays were on the whole very good, very clean and were an integral part of the tour. In addition the local guides were fantastic. They both had amazing ‘subject’ knowledge and were expected the know the answers to some bizarre questions and they always obliged. Our tour leader Amanda was equally unflappable and somehow managed to lead a motley group of people together to really enjoy the experience.