Georgie Beattie

My stay was a really enjoyable one. It was such an adventure for me; all the beautiful palaces, havelis and castle in which we stayed in, the temples, the children on the street, the cows wandering across the road not bothered about anything (apart from the bowl of veggies the other side). I will never forget all the extraordinary sights, sounds (endless beeping of car horns) and smells of India – a real assault on the senses. My visit showed me how lucky I really am. Seeing houses made out of mud with hardly anything inside, seeing the children and adults either working away on the crops or at the sides of the road. All them have to work so hard, yet they are such smiley, happy, friendly people, waving as we go past, or running towards us, their faces amazed at the strange colour of our skin and the way we act, which they'd probably only seen once or twice in their lives. Over all it was an amazing experience and seeing the poorest people smiling, and being happy, just made my trip. Seeing this made me happy. I really appreciate the whole experience.