Fiona Cowie

Tulga is a gem. He is seriously the best guide (also due to his team) I think I've ever had. He made me laugh (okay, sometimes AT him) til my cheeks ached and also made me feel really safe. He kept an eye on everyone and made a real effort to make sure every single person was happy and enjoying themselves. His team were really impressive - and a real bunch of characters who each made the trip a little more special.
Lulu and Tulga made a great team. Lulu sometimes felt like she was just one of us on holiday, but when you needed her in a professional role she was right onto it (i.e., I want water, my light is broken, my eyes hurt, can you pass the vodka!). She was a bit of a bad influence in increasing my usual alcohol intake though - and converted me to drinking warm beer - yerch!
I was very impressed by both when I had a little issue with my horse (lost control for a short bit which dented my confidence). I noted Tulga kept a watch on me and then as soon as I gave a little sign both pulled their horses up (not so easy for Lulu on her mount) and switched me to another horse I was more comfortable on. By their quick action I was back to loving the riding and feeling safe.
So I guess, Tulga made me feel safe and Lulu made sure I had fun - thats teamwork! Both did a great job.