Emma Taylor

I have dreamed for many years of going on an African Riding Safari. Being a keen hunting girl I thought that many of the same characteristics would apply to this trip as to hunting: camaraderie, adrenaline hits, the great outdoors, beautiful scenery, adventure and the sense of achievement of going on a journey and coming back to the comfort of a log fire (this time outdoors) and knowing your horse that has kept you safe all day is now fed, watered and content. This trip did not disappoint.

Borana was the perfect place to acclimatize, get to know our horses and learn to use our airport purchased cameras, whilst photographing all the wonderful game on the 40,000 acre estate. The food was out of this world and the rooms a charming mix of chic and rustic. Log fires lit every night and a hot water bottle to warm my toes. Michael and Nicky Dyer have simply mastered the art of hosting a wonderful house party in the middle of this beautiful conservation area.

We then travelled some 150km on our horses camping for 3 nights on the way. The camp sights were always ready and extremely welcoming on our arrival. We were always tired and hungry but also full of stories of the day we had had. Through this journey our group of like minded adventurers became tight nit and the nicknames that were dreamt up stuck! I became Dora the Explorer and Brown Owl!

We saw and rode with elephant, Zebra , Giraffe, Cheetah, Buffalo, a huge variety of bird life and much much more. Our horses were very foot sure and comfortable. Seeing game from a horse is quite simply the best thing in the world.

We ended our trip with two nights at Suyian an amazing eco lodge on another huge Kenyan estate run by the charming Anne Powys. Another wonderful place with food and scenery to die for. The best open air shower you will ever experience!

I could go on and on, but much better to go and see for yourself!