Eileen Waddington

There were so many highlights on this trip! Loved the archery competition as an insight into Bhutanese culture. The buildings were stunning even in local villages. The longer hikes were rewarding and provided a real sense of achievement, some of the shorter ones enabled us to understand and engage in the rural life of the areas we visited. Seeing the Black Cranes in their magical valley setting and climbing to the Tigers Nest Monastery are also lasting memories.

This was my first time travelling alone but the group was tremendous fun and added to the richness of my travel experience. After initial worries about my fitness level I thoroughly enjoyed our hikes in the stunning scenery, culminating in the walk up to the Tigers Nest Monastery on New Year's Day, what a way to start 2016! The Bhutanese I met were welcoming, friendly and intensely proud of their country. WF and local guide and driver made the trip so memorable. If you have a sense of adventure do visit Bhutan!