Dhala Campbell

I came back browner, fitter and thinner, not normally what one can say after 2 weeks over Christmas. No I hadn’t checked into a health farm or boot camp but WF’s “’Alternative Christmas”. Castle Bijaipur for those in the know, is a gem and only to be shared and talked about with good friends. Every morning I would wake with the excited anticipation of what lay ahead for the day, whether it was the wonderful early morning rides, walks and bike rides with Nirendra a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge on the people, the flora and fauna, or just gazing from my corner of the roof top across fields of emerald green and mustard yellow into the distance to the dry arid hills beyond. A combination of fabulous scenery, prolific bird life and good company and delicious food plus the warm welcome given by Nirendra and his family as well as the staff was wonderful, and made you feel you were now part of their extended family. I only wish I had more time their but there is always next year, but shhhh just don’t tell too many people!