Denise Bevan

A fabulous introduction to India: forts, palaces, lakes the Taj, and the Marigold itself! All the hotels were comfortable. The Marigold is quirky and provided me with a wonderful sunset from the roof terrace.The group went horseriding on the owner's horses and then watched a cookery demonstration. How many people can say they watched the “Marigold” film in the Marigold hotel. It’s a surreal experience to watch the locations you have just visited on the tour, in particular Castle Kanota where we spent a blissful night in wonderful surroundings.

Our guide Mayur was well organised, knowledgeable, warm, and considerate. I relished the days when we chose from the menu ourselves but I would never have tried the variety of foods on offer if he had not arranged some of the menus for us. It is so much easier for us when most meals are included and we eat out at restaurants we never would have found. For me an organised tour means you see so much in the limited length of time you have. It is incredible what is packed into the time you have available. We have seen and done so much and enjoyed every minute of it!