Charlotte Hopkinson

I've wanted to join a horse trek for some time now, but I have always been put off by it feeling like an 'activity holiday' - and dare I say it - of being stuck with a bunch of horsey people! Well, I found my salvation in WILD FRONTIERS - after bending Jonny's ear for far too many hours, I decided Kyrgyzstan would be the right place for me. It seemed to make sense to trek across a country which still largely relies on the horse in everyday life. So, instead of your mode of transport separating you from the locals, it actually brings you closer together - even if that means having to drink copious amounts of fermented mares milk! I came to Kyrgyzstan looking for adventure and that's exactly what I found! The route Jonny and Dom put together for us was littered with beautiful mountains - the scenery was literally breath taking. But amongst all the wild flowers, eagles and yurts there was the real challenge of the trek. Everyday we had something new to keep us on our toes - from snowy 4000m passes to being dragged in to a game of Koc Buro with the locals! This trek is probably the most challenging and rewarding I've ever done - I can't describe the sense of achievement I felt for us all at the top of the pass, with the snow falling around us, but it's something I'm not going to forget. However, despite all these delights the real thing that made the trip unforgettable was the people - our tireless horseman and horses, our hilarious camp team and ingenious cooks, but most importantly our wonderful group. I'm not sure where Jonny found us all from but we all fitted together like glue - whether at early morning breakfasts or late night debauchery around the camp fire! And of course last but not least Dom and Jonny who made it all possible - who always managed to entertain us day and night and brought us to this most wonderful of countries.