Caroline Newton

What a great holiday. Even better, what a great honeymoon!

Having travelled with Wild Frontiers to Pakistan I had no hesitation at all in turning to Jonny and the team to organise our 'trip of a lifetime'. and it certainly didn't disappoint. Up to our ears with work before the wedding, Matthew and I had little time to investigate travel in Indochina so we arrived in Laos with no idea at all of what to expect. And of course it was totally magical; a veritable feast for the senses with fabulous cuisine, extraordinary landscapes and wonderfully exotic sounds and smells. The people were charming and with rafting on the Mekong, riding elephants through the jungle and trekking with the hill-tribes, we had all the adventure we wanted. And then to Cambodia and the luxury. Staying at the utterly amazing Pansea Hotel was a joy and the perfect place from which to explore the stunning Angkor Wat Temple complex, which completely blew us away.

Understanding that as a honeymoon this was a very special holiday, Wild Frontiers gave us an unprecedented level of personal assistance every step of the way, making the whole trip a truly amazing experience. Thank you!