Anna Donald

I had my first Egypt experience with Wild Frontiers over New Year's eve and it was way beyond my expectations. I was blown away by the carvings on the temples which were so beautiful and intricate. The people we met at the villages were incredibly friendly, inviting us into their homes for tea and food. I felt very sad that their country is getting such negative news and has resulted in a huge drop in tourism, which was great for us but not for the locals. The temples we visited were mostly empty. The only time I saw quite a lot of tourists was when I did an extension after our tour and visited Giza pyramid. We had a most relaxing time cruising down the Nile for 5 days on a beautiful Dehabiya with the most wonderful crew. The food was great on board and the scenery on the Nile was magical. We passed grazing live stock and fishermen on small boats casting their nets and excited village children waving at us. On New Year's eve, the crew surprised us by inviting some of the local villagers onto the Dehabiya to play music for us and we all joined in to dance. Our local guide was very friendly and informative. I felt safe throughout my visit to Egypt and I would highly recommend this trip.