Andy Williams

Thanks to my work I have seen many things across our planet, but nothing had prepared me for the impact and sheer immensity of the northern plains of Mongolia. They are HUGE! And that was just the first few days. Then came the mountains and forests. And flowers. And nature on all sides. And real culture, as lived every day. Did I mention the flowers? The horses are four-legged powerhouses, incredible in their ability to keep going up and down and across any obstacle. And there's no need to be super-competent as a rider. Just believe in yourself, wear adequate butt-protection (I can recommend padded cycling shorts under good jodhpurs!) and the horses and horse wranglers will do the rest! The humans that accompanied us were all very competent, and considerably enhanced the experience. So, in a nutshell, if you fancy adventure plus to escape a long long way from modern "progress" "Ride Mongolia" -- you won't regret it.