Amanda Drake

WOW!!!! You see that's why I will keep coming back time after time to WF to get my exhilarating adventure fix for the next 3-4 months! That was the most amazing holiday yet. I thought I knew India but those 14 days reminded me that that awesome country has the ability to shock, amaze, delight, entice, break through your boundaries and reawaken all your senses, again and again and again. And it inspired all of us seeing you enjoying yourself so much. As I said, you seemed more like one of us, being enthralled by everything that you saw and experienced, just as much as any of your wide-eyed followers. Your delight was infectious and another magical ingredient to a truly sensational fortnight. What a privileged band of travellers are all those who chose to adventure with WILD FRONTIERS, especially us pioneering "recciers".