Alison Telfer

This was the most wonderful experience. More than just a "trip" or "holiday" it was life changing and mind blowing. It will take a considerable time to assimilate all the experiences. Yes, it included all the main "sights" like the Great Wall of China, the Registan in Uzbekistan, wonderful Esfahan in Iran and fabulous Istanbul. But beyond that it included tiny villages and small towns where western tourists never go. It included lost cities and magical ruins. It included people over half the world with hearts of gold who welcomed us into their families and homes. We ate local foods and chatted to schoolchildren and older people. Religions never got in the way and government policies were never allowed to interfere with a good chat and exchange of view. So highly recommended. Go with an open mind and a sense of humour and come back changed and wiser. Wonderful opportunity. Thank you to Wild Frontiers for putting together such an amazing opportunity.