Alison Darby

I can never forget the delights of Kabul, nor express the depth of my longing to return Babur. Afghanistan, my dream for so many years, was finally realised thanks to superb organisation and security, courtesy of Muqim and his staff. We walked in the footsteps of Byron, Newby, countless writers and paid homage to the Lion of Panjshir, Massoud in the exquisite Panjshir valley under starlit skies like I've never seen, meeting Eric Newby's retainer Badar Khan. The breathtaking beauty of Bamiyan, Band-i Amir lakes, Balkh and Herat left me gasping. The famous Afghan hospitality and sense of history is all-pervasive, true tingle factor. Never has a country so completely entranced me. The contacts WF stumps up every time are incomparable. Yes, you can visit and my return is already planned.