Climate Action Plan

As a travel company we have a responsibility to the countries, communities and environments we visit. With this responsibility comes the opportunity to make a genuine difference. 

In this time of climate crisis, and pressure on all sectors of the travel industry to look at its practices and help reduce carbon emissions, it has never been more important for us here at Wild Frontiers to re-assess our own responsible travel policies, measure our own footprint and step up our commitment to reduce carbon emissions. 

Since 2005 Wild Frontiers automatically off-set clients’ international flights, when booked through us. We were among the first UK-based tour operators to implement the initiative, contributing to renewable energy projects. 

Pre-pandemic, in early 2020 we took a more encompassing approach and began focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, both operationally in the UK and on the ground in destinations to which we travel.

With travel at almost a standstill for 18 months we again used the time to assess our processes, talk to potential partners and start to put in place a more robust plan, which we will be ready to share soon.

Through measuring, reducing and mitigating carbon emissions, we have much to do.

Wild Frontiers is a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism