Scandinavia and the Arctic

Dominated by the polar ice caps, the northern Polar Regions are amongst the most inhospitable and driest landscapes on Earth. Lands of perpetual snow and ice, these staggeringly beautiful regions are home to a dazzling array of life.

A remote and beautiful world that sees average winter temperatures drop to below - 40º C, the northern polar region encompasses vast expanses of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland and parts of North America, Russia and Scandinavia.

Home to indigenous peoples, resilient coastal communities and a rich mix of wildlife, both on the land and in the rich, icy waters, there are few places on earth that can boast such a grand physical presence.

Characterised by cool summers, long dark winters and the shimmering displays of the Aurora Borealis, it is a land of treeless tundras and spectacular fjords, high lava deserts and the boiling volcanic landscapes of the Icelandic coast.


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