MyWildFrontiers Portal - Troubleshooting Guide

Please see below a step-by-step guide to logging into your MyWildFrontiers client portal MyWildFrontiers 

Step 1 – You will have been sent a unique URL link that will take you to the screen opposite. Here, you will need to choose a password for your account. The password should be a minimum of 7 characters and consist of letters and numbers, please do not use any special characters.  

Step 2 – Once registered, you should see your Dashboard area. Here, you will find your latest booking, and you can also navigate to any other bookings with us via the Your Trips area. To view any booking in detail, please click on View Itinerary. 

Step 3 – You will find the above page once you have loaded your booking. On the right-hand side of the page, you will find additional information about your booking:

Group Itinerary: The most up-to-date itinerary for your tour is published here.

Extensions & Extra Services: This area will show details if you have any additional services with us, for example, flights or accommodation. 

Map: This will show you the map for your chosen group tour.

Flight Schedule & E-Tickets: This area will show any flights you have booked with us or your own flight details if you have provided these to us. Closer to departure this area will also show your e-ticket and baggage details (for flights booked through Wild Frontiers).

Travel Expert: Here you can find the name of your Travel Consultant and your Operations Manager.

Price: This section gives you a breakdown of the cost of your tour. 

We then have some generic areas in the orange boxes these are as below:

Make Payment: This gives you a direct link to our online payment system. 

Client Details: This takes you to your Client Information Form, where you can provide personal information including passport details, next of kin and travel insurance. We do require this information before we can finalise your Joining Instructions. 

Invoice: This allows you to download your invoice, including our bank details, should you wish to pay via BACS. 

Download Travel Arrangements: This will give you a downloadable version of the Extensions & Extra Services, Flight Schedule, and Price areas. 

Download Group Tour Itinerary: This will allow you to download the most up-to-date itinerary for your tour.  

Documents: In the Documents area, you may also find additional documents relating to your booking. Some of the documents you might find here include our Pre-Departure Information guide (PDI), Visa Guides, Visa Supporting Documents, Tour Leader Profiles. Please note these documents are only provided when your tour is guaranteed. 


Please see below some of our FAQs, which might help you navigate the MyWildFrontiers portal. 

1) Where is my URL link to register for MyWildFrontiers?

The URL link will be included in your booking confirmation or tour guarantee notification. If you cannot find the URL link, we can resend it to you, please contact the office. 

2) Why is my password not being accepted?

The password you are using is likely too complex. Please try again and use a password with just letters and numbers with no spaces or special characters. 

3) I have forgotten my password what can I do?

On the login page for the MyWildFrontiers Portal you can find a forgot password link. If you still cannot log in, please contact the office, and we can reset your password for you. 

4) Is the MyWildFrontiers Portal viewable on a mobile device?

The answer to this question is no. Whilst certain areas are viewable, to get the best experience and to make sure you are seeing all the documents we have provided, we suggest using a laptop/desktop computer or a tablet on landscape view. As the portal is not mobile friendly, downloading documents is not yet possible from a mobile device. 

5) Are you planning on introducing a mobile app?

Yes, this is something that is in development, but there is no official launch date yet.

6) I cannot see my Invoice/PDI, why is this?

The likely answer is that the device you are using to view your MyWildFrontiers Portal is too small. If your view looks similar to the one below with some options in a black menu, this means that you are not viewing your full profile. We suggest moving to a device that is bigger or if possible, zooming out on the webpage you are on to get the best experience. 

7) I have booked multiple trips with you; why can I not see these in my Dashboard area?

As the MyWildFrontiers Portal was only introduced in January 2024, we are still working through loading all upcoming bookings for 2024 and 2025 into the system. If you would like to access your booking now, please contact your Operations Manager and they can load this on for you. 

8) Why can I not see any of the past tours I have taken with Wild Frontiers in the Your Trips area?

As we only introduced the MyWildFrontiers Portal in January 2024, any tours that were taken before this date are not loaded. If you have any questions on these, please contact us directly.

9) Can I see my Wild Miles amount?

Whilst you cannot see any of your past tours you will be able to see the Wild Miles accrued for these. In the main dashboard area, there is a section called Wild Miles. Here you can see what discount level you are on and your total amount of Wild Miles. 

10) I am travelling with a friend on the same booking can we both have a login for the MyWildFrontiers Portal?

Yes, we can arrange this, please just let our office know if you require multiple logins. We would need the email address of the other client and then can send them through their unique URL link.

11) Can I upload a passport scan or my flight details to the portal?

Currently, we do not have the functionality for you to upload these to the portal. These will still need to be emailed to your Operations Manager separately.