Ever since proudly declaring ‘I want to be a traveller’ to my family at 5 years old, I knew I’d shaped my adult life around travelling and take every opportunity to work it into my professional and personal life. I studied in Barcelona for a year during university (an interesting choice for an English degree), and it gave me a deeper understanding of how much lies in a country’s hidden alleys, unsuspecting restaurants & buzzing fiestas. I was hooked. Post university, I moved to South Africa for a year, travelling to Mozambique, Botswana and Eswatini (while it was still called Swaziland). Keeping a detailed travel journal, I knew these moments were essential to note down, each delicious family meal, kind interaction with a hospitable stranger, and unforgettable wildlife safari. Onto Australia next, where I made camp in Melbourne, working in several office, IT and charity positions and using my spare time to uncover the country and explore… before finally returning to the UK, and starting my long overdue career in travel.

I love exploring and documenting new places and relaying it back to anyone who will listen – sharing photos & swapping tips. My passion for the industry and love of storytelling make my job a joy, and I cannot wait to see more of this wild, wonderful world and inspire new adventures to countries that are calling….


Q: Favourite city?

Maputo – the architecture, crystal clear ocean and Portuguese-inspired cuisine make it impossible to not fall in love. 

Q: Favourite country?

Italy – I could spend the rest of my life eating gelato and visiting art galleries and museums.

Q: Favourite meal?

Freshly caught fish in Langkawi.

Q: Most memorable journey?

Few days out at sea in the Whitsundays, witnessing the coral reef.

Q: Favourite travel advice?

Be open, polite and patient. Ask locals for advice, and leave yourself open to new, exhilarating experiences! 

Q: Next on the must-see list?

Pakistan, India, Egypt and a tour of South America one day…