Hayley would have to thank the multi-culturalism of London for first sparking her interest in travel. She remembers dressing up in saris from India, eating delicious Bosnian food and attempting to decipher Farsi (the word for ‘very’ sounds remarkably like Hayley - it was mistaken for gossiping!) from her friends of many memorable years.

After her A-levels, travel was the only thing on her mind and so she put off University for a few years to explore. She spent her eighteenth birthday in Kerala, India and her nineteenth in the Shan state of Burma and filled in the gaps with travel around Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica and Croatia, amongst others.

Upon completing a degree in English literature and creative writing, of which her favorite subject was Post-Colonial literature, Hayley began working in marketing. With consistently itchy feet, always equipped with a book set in a far-flung destination and a passion for writing, the latest path she’s ventured down has led her to Wild Frontiers. Excited to be working in an industry she is so passionate about, she can’t wait to expand her horizons and explore more of this wonderful world.


Q: Favorite city?
A: I want to say Hoi An in Vietnam, because it is just so beautiful and peaceful to whizz around on a moped. But the wild side of me that loves experiencing the new and the downright weird and unexpected, you can’t beat Bangkok.

Q: Favorite country?
A: There truly is something about India. It was like walking into a book, every sense is catered for. From the languid rice barge cruise on the backwaters of Kerala, to the throngs of people ambling to get on trains and exchanging friendly smiles once settled, this place was magic. I’d love to explore more.

Q: Favorite meal?
A: This is almost like picking a favorite family member (the cat). I can’t go to Thailand without overdosing on papaya salad, I’ve had incredible sushi all the way from Mexico to South Wimbledon, and every dish in Jamaica is worthy of a food baby.

Q: Most memorable journey?
A: Japan, mainly because it was my first solo trip and it was a country I had been obsessed with for a very long time. Tokyo was out of this world, you never know what you might experience around every corner. But the highlight was Koyasan. It was like living in a Hayao Miyazaki movie.

Q: Favorite travel advice?
A: Dive right in, try everything, do the things that scare you and smile at everyone. You never know where it might get you.

Q: Next on the must-see list?
A: The rest of India, more of Myanmar, Togo & Benin, Namibia, Bolivia...just to narrow it down a bit.