Gonder Girls' Football Team


The Wild Frontiers Foundation kicked off its partnership with charity Together We Learn Ethiopia in 2020 with the sponsorship of the Gonder Girls’ Football Team, in northern Ethiopia. The initiative supports a team of around 20 girls from low income families annually, promoting gender equality and building self-confidence through football. 

The team-mates, aged between 13 and 16, are coached twice a week, offering them the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their health and fitness, while having fun within a supportive network. 

Post training, the girls also enjoy a meal together and participate in regular sessions about women's health.


‘[Since I joined the team] I developed confidence to speak with my friends and my coach. I feel confident both at school and at home, but at the beginning I was shy in both. My physical fitness is also improved. Though I am thin I am strong and healthy’
- Adina, member of the girls’ football team

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