E-learning Classrooms


The Wild Frontiers Foundation is proud to support Camara Education, an international charity and social enterprise that uses modern technology to help improve education and future opportunities in disadvantaged communities around the world.

We started working with Camara on its classroom sponsorship programme in 2012.

With £2500 initial funding from our foundation, Camara was able to install 25 recycled computers, loaded with educational software, and create a new e-Learning Centre at Aba’ala Secondary School in the remote Afar region of Northern Ethiopia.

Teachers from the school were also trained in basic digital literacy skills, simple hardware maintenance and how to use computers to teach other subjects, and the now have access to affordable technology and are learning new skills to improve their education and ultimately gain better future employment.

In 2015 we sponsored our second school with a further £2500 to establish an e-learning classroom at the Bruh Tesfa Primary School, in Addis Ababa. The large school in the Kolfe-Keranio district of the country’s capital accommodates 1768 students and 81 teachers. The new e-learning classroom was officially opened in December 2015, when even a power cut couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the students and teachers.

Our support continued  in 2019 with funding for a third e-learning classroom at the school Abiyot Fire elementary school, located in Fiche, in the Oromia region, where 2,500 students (including almost half girls) from Grade 1 to Grade 8 study.


Wild Frontiers further supports the work of Camara Education by donating our office computer equipment when upgrading. Once refurbished and spruced up the computers are distributed to e-learning centres in schools in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Lesotho.