Selecting projects and charity partners

Wild Frontiers Foundation charity partners are selected by our Board of Trustees, principally through the personal knowledge and connections of Wild Frontiers as a travel company. This includes word of mouth and recommendations for grassroot projects from Wild Frontiers staff, tour leaders, local partners and clients.  

To help ensure projects create and deliver maximum impact, we use the following criteria for the selection of potential projects and charitable partnerships. 

  1. The Wild Frontiers Foundation Board of Trustees considers charitable projects that align with Wild Frontiers' destinations and ethos as a travel company, with highest consideration given to those that Wild Frontiers and its clients can visit and support through responsible and sustainable tourism development 
  2. Projects will have the potential to make a significant impact on the people and communities which are offered support. We look at each project to identify its potential reach, benefits to communities and individuals, sustainability and lasting impact.  
  3. We work with charitable partners who can demonstrate good management and communication in relation to the project and partnership 
  4. Priority is given to projects which support education for children, who would not otherwise have access to, or benefit from formal structured learning; life skills; women's empowerment; and community conservation initiatives 

We are in regular contact with our partners to gain updates on our projects and share developments and impact with the Wild Frontiers community. 

Organisations that feel they have a tangible and specific project that is in line with the objectives of the Wild Frontiers Foundation, are welcome to submit a brief description and project proposal to


Wild Frontiers Foundation - Charity Number 1141795