Flight-Free Travel

Travelling by train can often be a more relaxing way to get from A to B than flying, and offers the added benefit of scenery unfolding before you as you glide through the countryside. Then there are the benefits to the environment of choosing a lower-carbon emitting way to travel. We have collated some of our tours that can be started by train from the UK and which do not include internal flights,  meaning you can enjoy a whole adventure without a single flight. Whilst we don't book international train services ourselves, we recommend the following website as an excellent planning resource: https://www.seat61.com/  


The following UK tours are ideal for starting by train,  coach and even ferry, with journey times being less than one day.


The following Western Europe tours can all be reached by train from the United Kingdom in between one and two days.


If you're happy to take your time getting to the start of your tour, the following countries can all be reached by train from the UK in around two to three days.


If you're an intrepid traveller, for whom  getting there is half the adventure,  the below tours can all be reached flight-free from the UK but you'll have to allow at least 4 days to get there.